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#EroAwardArmy Promotion System - the biggest social media movement from Adult Industry

"Starting EroAward was a great journey, from our beginings in 2015-2016. In 2017, in less than 2 years, we managed to become the #MostVotedAward in Adult Entertainment, with over 1.300.000 votes, and we're glad to see that after us, also other awards started to anounce "over 1 million votes" :)
But it was right after 2017 edition that we had the biggest surprise & achievement: When we created EroAward, we imagined that our relationship with the Industry/nominees will be bi-directional, we promote them and their nominations, and they promote their nominations at EroAward. But then something totally different happened, when our bi-directional relationship went VIRAL by evolving to a multi-directional and much more complex one, as all the people who were joining us directly or indirectly, they were promoting each other, so EroAward became a "One for All" and "All for One" group, all supporting each other, the same like an army. That way, #EroAwardArmy became a huge movement on all social media, and as we are the only award running all year, we are probably the biggest and best promotion system for all those involved in Adult, especially because our evolution was natural, so no fake traffic or big amounts of money paid to influence things: the more than 100.000 professionals, cam models, porn stars, promoters, companies and fans, simply LOVE to be part of our #EroAwardArmy!"
(Luca - CEO of EroAward & CamSum)

EroAward was created to promote the Adult Industry as a whole: companies, sites, studios, producers, traffic, payments, professionals, webmasters, etc. and especially the Models (Porn Stars & CamModels). #Power2TheModels

Almost half of our voting categories are dedicated to models, and as we said, the main things are not the awards, the gala and the winners. They are also important, but what comes first is that EroAward wants to offer to LiveCams and Porn models THE MOST COMPLEX & POWERFUL TOOLS for 24/7 Promotion 365 days per year (getting new fans, more paying customers, more followers on the social media, that will finally reflect on increased branding, brand recognition & the most important -> MORE MONEY FOR THE MODELS!).

We are open to work with any models (women, men, transgenders, couples) from cams or porn, but the main rule and the 2 conditions are: The more professional you are (including your social media activity) and the more you promote your nomination at EroAward, the more we promote you.

About professionalism we watch: the quality of pictures used for promotion (Some models have bad quality pictures!), quality of streaming for CamModels, how complete are the profiles in their social media or livecams accounts, the schedule that the model has, the English level, the communication skills, physical qualities, sense of humour, creativity, artistic skills, social networks abilities, number of followers, the capacity of becoming viral (because we want to create our #ViralAdultSquad - a team of sexy-fun-creative models to launch viral campaigns like Ice Bucket Challenge, but smarter, funnier, sexier, more educative and with larger social impact - #EduTittyTainment = Education+Tits+Entertainment).

As about the support to promote EroAward, let's take for example Twitter promotion and a rating system:
- if we appear in the model's Background, Avatar or Pinned Tweet, we give it the highest rating, let's say 10.000 points!!!
- if the model tweet about us daily or at least weakly, we rate it 6.000 points.
- if the model retweet us daily or at least weakly, we rate it 5.000 points.
- if the model send us quality pictures with our EroAward or CamSum tshirts, so we can promote her/him, 4000 points. (Use WeTransfer.com and jobs4adults@gmail.com to send us your BEST 10-15 pictures - clear, full body, sexy and erotic, horizontal and vertical). Some models can create high quality pictures on their own, but others need to pay a professional photographer. The better are your pictures for promotion, the more customers we can send to you! A good picture can get 20-50 more retweets/shares than a bad picture (unclear, only parts from the body, not nice background, not creative position, nothing interesting in the pic, etc). 
- Does the model has good knowledges about social networks, marketing and she/he works on them daily/weekly, efficiently and with good results? 8.000 points

So, the more total points one model gets, the more promotion we offer to her/him. Beside the social networks promotion that we do, we also give lots of advices to models about how they can optimise and improve their social network efforts, because our philosophy is TO GROW TOGETHER WITH THE MODELS! The bigger you are, the bigger we become, and the bigger we become, the upper we can push your brand!

On EroAward, the sections where we offer extra promotion are:

http://eroticcamawards.com/girls (for pre-nominated Girls, Lesbian couples and Hetero couples)

http://eroticcamawards.com/boys (for pre-nominated Boys, Boys couples and Gays)

http://eroticcamawards.com/trans (for pre-nominated Trans/Shemales, Travestis and Couples where at least 1 is trans or trav)

On these blogs, beside the classic promotion with voting-profiles, we have 2 very important sections:

- "Most viewed models" - so, the more traffic your article (voting-profile) receives (sent by you and us), the more exposure it gets on our blogs!

- "Special featured models" - the models that are the best, both in professionalism and votes at EroAward, will get special featured on the Top Slide.

Tshirts with CamSum & EroAward for "Best CamSum Model" & "Best #Donate2Wiki Model" categories

If you want to participate at "Best CamSum Model" category, we need 10 quality pictures with our CamSum tshirt. The pictures have to be Sexy, but not naked, so we can promote them on social media as Facebook. If you want to make also Naked, send 10 pictures more that we can promote on Twitter and Adult Networks.
If you want to participate at "Best #Donate2Wiki Model" category, we need 10 quality pictures with our EroAward tshirt and a BOOK in your hands, or near a library, as we will use these pictures for our "Donate to Wikipedia! #CultureIsSexy" campaign, with whom we try to support Culture and to Redefine Beauty. The pictures have to be Sexy, but not naked, so we can promote them on social media as Facebook. If you want to make also Naked, send 10 pictures more that we can promote on Twitter and Adult Networks.

The pictures have to be clear, full body, 5 horizontal and 5 vertical, 7 from face and 3 from behind. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IN EACH PICTURE OUR LOGOS CAN BE CLEARLY SEEN! Don't cover the logos. The pictures where our logos can't be written, are NOT good!

You can buy your tshirts from Sunfrog shop or you can print them yourself for around 2-3$/tshirt (print it front and back, so you can make pictures also from behind):
- CamSum    https://www.sunfrog.com/111798860-363141564.html
- EroAward  https://www.sunfrog.com/111799400-363156186.html?7734

Donwload the logos from here to print your own white tshirts (almost anywhere you can find little shops that would print you a white tshirt for around 2$):

Examples of SEXY pictures with our Tshirts:

Examples of pictures with NUDITY and our Tshirts:
The adult oriented pictures with our tshirts are uploaded to the Adult Social Networks, like for example xHamster:

(for twitter, facebook profiles or pages, instagram, adult social networks. 845 X 916 pixels. Make sure that you center well the image inside of your avatar and that you catch your image and also our 2 logos of EroAward and CamSum, as well as "Vote me at EroAward!".)

(Right click mouse and "Save as..." to save it in your computer, open it with Paint or other image editor, then Copy & Paste 1 of your pictures on the Left. DON'T use naked pictures for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, as it doesn't allow nudity in avatars or background!)

Example of avatar with your picture:

Center the image and include it all in the circle or square:

(for twitter, facebook profiles or pages, instagram, adult social networks)

Background for Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Page, Group), Tumblr, etc

As a background, you can also use one of your pictures, where you can add "Please vote me at www.EroAward.com!", or even the category/categories where you want to be voted. Example: "Vote me Sexiest Model at www.EroAward.com!". Or, you can paste one of our badges on your background.

Example of personalised background:

If you want a special background or badge, with a different message/design, please let us know to see if we can help.

Premium Promotion

We are working hard to prepare some of the best promotion methods for the Models, LiveCams studios or Porn Producers who want to get maximum promotion possible. Our first package is "Twitter MegaStar".

1. Twitter MegaStar

- price: 100$/month.
 * 90$/month, if paid for 3 months;
 * 80$/month, if paid for 6 months.
Payments can be made through Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal, Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, Ria, etc.
IMPORTANT: If you want to buy Premium Promotion, make sure you contact us here, where we have all our social media, and keep in mind that we are located in Spain. So, if other persons from other social media accounts or emails, contact you to send them money, DON'T DO IT! We had 1 case where one guy pretending that he was working for us, asked and received money in our name, so ONLY use our social media you see in Contact on our site to communicate with us!
(the studios or porn producers who have larger number of models to promote, can get special discounts);

- 1 month of twitter promotion with over 20 twitter accounts, over 250 promoters in our network and the best methods to target the traffic, using #hashtags, tagging the best @promoters for retweets, and geo-targeting the traffic to get customers from the richest countries (USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc);

- we create you a voting-profile here EroAward.com/girls (Example: http://eroticcamawards.com/girls/nesty/ ) where we include ALL your links (your livecams rooms, porn sites, personal site, social media links, amazon wish list & giftcards, etc.) and we promote you at our EroAward through nominations at all the categories. Example: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EroAward
Promoting you on twitter and other social media, as "Nominee at Great and different Categories to an Award", has the BIGGEST PROMOTION IMPACT for your Brand, your Social Media and your Incomes! You can't buy a better promotion than this!

- As you can see on each profile from EroAward.com/girls, at the bottom there is a counter who shows the number of visits received by a model's voting-profile, and as we said, over 60% of them are from the richest countries, and we guarantee you around 50-100 visits/day to your profile, which you get them for around 3$/day or less!

- in REALITY, we send you more than 3 times visitors per day, than the number of the visits you see in your voting-profile!
This is because when we tweet a model, all tweets include the @ModelTwitterName but only 40% of the tweets direct to her/his voting-profile, which means that some visitors click directly on the @ModelTwitterName and go straight to her/his twitter profile instead of the link to her/his page on our site, so the REAL visits you get is around 150-300 visits/day!

- we build your BRAND the best way and you KEEP ALL this traffic FOREVER!
As we said, when we tweet a model, in 40% of the tweets, we include the link to the model's voting profile on EroAward.com/girls, where there are ALL the model's links (Which is more elegant and more profitable than ItsMyURLs!), including all the social media, so we practically grow ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS, not only your twitter, and in the day that you decide to stop receiveing our services, you still remain with all those customers & fans!

- for the paying models, we offer quality "Pictures to download for Webmasters & Promoters", who can use your pictures to better promote you, and as we are an award and summit who includes Business2Business votes & traffic, our sites are visited by a lot of webmasters and promoters, and with many of them we already work very well. This will give an incredible boost to your brand and traffic!

- the paying models who on top, send us quality pictures with our tshirts, get extra promotion!

- we CONTINUOUSLY offer you the BEST TIPS to increase all your social media, brand, income diversification and industry events participations.
If we work together, we are PARTNERS and we are highly interested that we grow together: the bigger your social media promotion becomes, the more people can vote you at EroAward, so we both win!

- for the momement we offer Twitter MegaStar only for Girls or Hetero Couples, but if you are a Man or Trans interested in our program, register to vote if you want to be informed when we launch it, as soon we will include also men and transgenders in our offer.

- MOST IMPORTANT: We promote you on our EroAward site, that we advertise it EVERYWHERE (social media, search engines, forums, CamSum and EroAward Gala, industry events, other awards, TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, etc!!!), so we can say that we have the best traffic for porn and livecams! Beside, we can prove that more than 75% of our votes come from FANS, from the guys who actually spend money on Porn, LiveCams and other Adult Industry parts!!! That's why we consider ourselves as "The Business2Consumer Adult Industry Awards"! So, the promotion that we offer you, including with the "Twitter MegaStar", is not only based on twitter. Is based on every type of promotion!

2. Tube MegaStar
We're working hard to launch these days our most powerful tool for models: a promotion product on over 50 of the biggest tube sites (like PornHub or xVideos). Register to vote if you want to be informed when we launch it.

3. Mini-sponsorship package at EroAward & CamSum for Models (300€)
Amount: 30 Reserved: 10 Available: 20

By #WhereModelsDoBusiness we encourage the models to think and behave as companies, including when it comes their promotion. If you watch the serious companies at adult industry events, they don't come for the free drinks, meals & free parties: they come to learn, network and promote themselves. We consider that promotion is extremelly important for the models and it has to include the one made at the events. At any event, there are lots of pictures and videos made, but the effect is ZERO if you will be in pics and films where there is not also your Name, with your Site and Social media!!! The most elegant way to have a GREAT impact at an event: have a banner and even some more promotional materials!
So, for 300€, any model can bring as promo materials at CamSum & EroAward, 1 rollup banner of 1mX2m, fliers, tshirts and gifts (lighters, pencils, etc.)

Promote yourself at events with your own banner like the biggest stars:
Cristi Ann knows how to build her brand!
Do you?
Edyn Blair thinks business!
Do you?

4. Top 5 featured models
On the top part of our sites where we promote models, on the left, we have introduced a new Premium promo spot, with prices between 100-500$/month. This area of the site is one of the 4 hottest zones (most seen & clicked) by any visitor of our site!

We make MegaStars!
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