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Our models, studios and fans, have asked for it! We listened...so, EroAward will soon launch the most flexible solution for CamModels & PornStars to sell their services:

- 86% of earnings for Models!
Almost all the camsites and clipstores, offers you 30-60% of the money spent by the customers, maximum 80%. We offer you 86%!

Any model knows how frustrating is to get chargebacks, after (s)he delivered the service. With EroAwardShop and the crypto-payments, the chargebacks are ZERO! (Which doesn't mean that the customer is less important: for us, the customer is as important as the model and will be treated with maximum of respect.)

- (almost) daily payments in bitcoin;
The models who accept their payments in bitcoin (is very easy to install a wallet-app to receive/send bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and then exchanging them to any currency), can get almost daily payments, at minimum 50 euros reached.
Other payment options can be offered (bank transfer, paypal, MoneyGram, Ria, etc).

- the services & products are Prepaid!
The models get the money BEFORE and don't have to waste time WAITING for the Customers to come and work more to convince them to buy!
We bring you the customer and the sale, you just deliver the product/service, and at minimum 50 euros, we send you the 86%.
More money for the models!

- CamModels & PornStars can sell (almost) anything & how they want!
What CamModels & PornStars can sell:
- viber/whatsapp;
- sexting;
- private shows on skype, viber, whatsapp, telegram, etc.
- pictures and videos (custom);
- access at private social media (snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc);
- underware, sex toys, personal items, etc;
- Be creative!
The general restrictictions still apply: no pedop.hily, no illegal things (dru.gs, firearms), no sc.at, no inc.est.

- no complicated software to learn for models or customers!
In the last years, as studio, models promoter and now as award organisers, models/studios and pornstars have always asked us for easier and better solutions to make money...So we came out with the idea of creating an easy solution to get paid, deliver the services/products, while being offered the best promotion, without the need of learning complicated software and wasting too much time. So, the main idea of EroAwardShop is to create a Menu of services for each model and after the customer pays, the model can offer those services on skype, whatsapp, viber, telegram, send the pictures the way they want, sell their snapchat or twitter/instagram private access, etc.

- The BEST Promotion offered for models!
We have already proved what we can do with EroAward and also with #EroAwardArmy, that became the biggest social media movement from Adult Industry! For each model that is part of EroAwardShop, the best individual solutions will be offered to get maximum of promotion in the social media! No other camsite or clipstore will offer you a better promotion than us.

- models will get their profiles promoted on the First Page of EroAward.com, so, Maximum of Promotion!

- All your social media links on the EroAwardShop
As you know, many camsistes or clipstores, don't allow models to add their social media on their profiles on these sites. We allow you to add all your social media, as long as you also promote and keep EroAward.com or your EroAwardShop link in the superior part of your each account (avatar, or background, or description, or website tab, or pinned post). The moment you delete it, we will also eliminate your social media link from your profile.

- Maximum of Satisfaction for FANS!
Customers get More for their buck!

- Affiliate program (under construction)
Affiliate Program for EroAwardSHOP & SupremeGoddesses:
- Revenue Sharing: 5% from any model’s referred earnings for life;
- Pay per lead (PPL): 0.1 $/email registered to vote.

EroAwardShop and EroAward remain independent: anybody can participate at EroAward even if they don't want to be a part of EroAwardShop.

In order to be informed quickly when we launch our platform, please register to vote and follow us on our social media.

We are searching for billing solutions, but also for hosting, payments, programming and professionals who work(ed) for camsites or clipstores.


We make MegaStars!
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